Behavior Bucks

Schiller Elementary School


All students will demonstrate the Schiller’s Expectations of Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Safe.

Banners and posters will be displayed in all areas stating the expectation for that area. Students will be taught exactly what is expected of them in each area.  Teachers will post their own individual classroom rules.

Reinforcement System:

Any student in the hallway, restroom, cafeteria, bus, playground, or at an assembly or Schiller trip can earn Behavior Bucks. Any school personnel observing students demonstrating Schiller Expectations may distribute Behavior Bucks.

It is suggested that each staff member distribute at least 5 Behavior Bucks tickets on a daily basis. As this is a school-wide reinforcement system, Behavior Bucks can be given out to any student (even those not in your classroom), anywhere within the school environment.

Our goal is to increase student demonstration of positive behavior each month.

Substitute teachers will be given a Behavior Bucks Packet of tickets and will be encouraged to distribute them to students demonstrating appropriate Schiller Expectations. The community will be informed of the reinforcement system being used through school newsletters.


The following is an explanation of how the Behavior Bucks can be used:


Students may earn a minimum of 5 Behavior Bucks tickets a day by:

1.  Students may earn one Behavior Bucks ticket for their daily attendance. Students must be in their classrooms by 8:30.  Only students who are on time will be eligible.

2.  Students may earn one Behavior Bucks ticket for having positive behavior for the AM period of the day.

3.  Students may earn one Behavior Bucks ticket for having positive behavior for the PM period of the day.

4.  Students may earn one Behavior Bucks ticket for having positive behavior during lunch/recess.

5.  Students may earn one Behavior Bucks ticket for being a hard worker and applying themselves all day in their school work.

6.  Students may receive additional Behavior Bucks tickets for displaying desired, instructed behaviors.



1.  Based on discipline data, Principal or designated person selects a desired behavior from the school-wide expectations chart and awards bonus Behavior Bucks if the entire class is exhibiting the behavior.  (Ex. In cafeteria, before dismissal on a randomly selected day, classes could earn extra tickets if they have used their inside voices, stayed at their assigned tables and cleaned up their eating area.)


          1.  Students who have earned the designated number of tickets will be able to pay their admission to the Good Conduct Party to be held at the end of each month.  (See Schedule of Good Conduct Parties) Students that have received Major Office Discipline Referrals may not be eligible for the Good Conduct Party that the referral occurred. They may still use their earned Behavior Bucks for other options.

***Once Behavior Bucks are earned, they cannot be taken away.  Behavior Bucks should be given as soon as a positive behavior is exhibited.



1.  Students may spend tickets to buy pencils, pencil top erasers, sheets of paper, or a candy.

(Option:  Teacher may ask a student to surrender a ticket for leaving the room at any unscheduled time.  Ex. Bathroom, drink of water)


 1.  Students can save ticket(s) to buy a special treat for recess on Friday.  For the months of August, September, October and May, students may use their Behavior Bucks to buy Freeze Pops.  The treat for November, December, January, February and March is still to be determined.

 2.  Students can turn Behavior Bucks tickets to be eligible to win a bi-weekly drawing that could be for a special Celebrity Lunch, Shooting Hoops, or free ice cream treat with the principal.



 1.  Drawing for larger ticket item.  Students can choose to put their earned Behavior Bucks tickets to be eligible for a monthly drawing for these special items.  (Take digital picture of items and tape on a plastic container.  Put container out in front of office where students can drop ticket in during their walk from breakfast.  Move the containers into the office when school begins and students can place tickets in the containers at a designated time by the teacher.  (Only those two times)  Items will be determined on availability and student desire.

 2.  Students who have earned and saved enough Behavior Bucks can purchase the prize of attending the Good Conduct Party.