Field Kindergarten Center


Welcome to the Field Kindergarten Center's webpage!  Our goal at Field is to offer a safe and positive environment, and to ensure a quality education. We offer a wide range of learning in our classrooms. We offer a Print Rich World where your child is exposed to reading in every area of our school building. We partnered with local businesses in our community and have a new program called "Read to Me". This program allows your child to earn a reward after reading his/her goal for the month. We believe computers are a vital role to your child's education. We incorporate hands on computer activities and smart boards in our classrooms. We believe in a kid-friendly environment and teach your child in a fun and positive way by incorporating learning centers.   We invite you to visit Field Kindergarten Center to observe the great atmosphere of our school.

Sincerely, Brenda Mulvany - Principal

Field Kindergarten Center

1101 South Locust Street
Centralia, Illinois 62801

618-533-7133 (phone)
618-533-7134 (fax)

Mrs. Brenda Mulvany , Principal