Transportation and Student Pick-Up

Transportation:  Depending on the distance your child lives from school, bus transportation may be available. Bus schedules are available in the school office. Students who ride the buses may not ride any bus other than the one he/she is assigned to ride. We can not honor requests for students to ride home with other students.  If your child normally rides a bus and is being picked up on a specific date, please notify your child’s teacher in writing.

Bus transportation is provided by Centralia City Schools 532-1907. 


Parent Pick-Up:   All parents are asked for their cooperation in making our pickup procedure run smoothly. Please keep the following guidelines in mind as you pick up your child:

1. The drive is one way. There are two lanes. Please drive around.

2. Do not make U-turns or exit in the opposite direction of the flow of traffic

3. If you leave your vehicle unattended, you need to park in a regular parking space.

4. Do not motion or call for your child to cross the traffic to enter your vehicle.

5. Your child should enter your vehicle on the building side of your vehicle and not the          

    opposite side, in the line of traffic.

6. The area by the bike racks is not a parking space. 

7. If you are waiting for you student in front of the school before school dismissal, please

    turn off your engine so that the fumes will not disrupt the educational environment.